A downloadable TooManyHotDogHeroes for Windows

Game Made for the "A Game By It's Cover" Jam.

In a city overrun by caos, a handful of heroes appeared to clear the streets and restore the peace. These heroes were the HotDogs.

As years went by, more and more HotDog Heroes showed up to help the city. Until there were so many heroes that this became a problem. They abused their powers and started to believe they had come to the city to become its new rulers.

Before that happens, the Pizza townsfolk decided it was time to unite and overthrow these formerly called heroes into the fauces of the Big Eater. This way they'll learn not to abuse their powers and not to mess with the Pizzas!

Install instructions

Game made for the A Game By It's Cover 2015 by Burnt Tongue Team.




Production & Sound - Laura Tort – LinkedIn

Design - Angel Maldonado – LinkedIn

Programmer - Jaume Fabrega – LinkedIn

Programmer - Francesc Pera – LinkedIn

Art - Joan Centellas – LinkedIn

Download Instructions

Inside the compressed file you'll find the READ ME File and a folder containing the game and its data. Extract the whole folder in the place you like. Double click the game inside it to run it.

Keyboard controls

Arrow Keys - Movement

Q - Light Attack

W - Strong Attack

E - Block

Space - Jump


TooManyHotDogHeroes.zip 16 MB